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    • PowerPod is the only power meter that attaches to your handlebars--no need to change or modify your crank, wheel, pedals, or bottom bracket. No glue, no water bags.
    • Measures both legs’ power, delivering accuracy on par with “gold standard” power meters costing 5 times as much, and accuracy superior to one-leg power meters
    • Works with any ANT+ or BLE bike computer
    • The only power meter that moves effortlessly from bike to bike, using its GoPro-style mounting system
    • high accuracy, +/- 2%
    • both-leg power measurement
    • full compatibility with road, mountain, time trial, and cross bikes
    • No swapping bike components, no glue, no water bags
    • box to bike setup in 10 minutes
    • ANT+ compatibility


    Unlike other power meters, PowerPod Lite doesn’t achieve its break-through price by using fewer sensors, or by measuring power from one leg only. 

    In fact, PowerPod Lite uses the same sensors and circuitry as its big-brother PowerPods, delivering both-leg, +/- 2% accuracy comparable to gold-standard power meters.   


    PowerPod Lite retains the qualities that make all PowerPod models so popular: fast setup, bike-to-bike portability, no swapping of bike pedals/cranks/hubs, and full ANT+ bike computer compatibility.

    PowerPod Lite installation is incredibly easy: 

    1) Attach the PowerPod Lite mount to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!)

    2) Pair PowerPod Lite to your bike computer's ANT speed or speed/cadence sensor (note: PowerPod Lite holds one profile in its memory.  Other PowerPod models hold four profiles)

    3) Pair your Garmin or other ANT bike computer to PowerPod Lite

    Then, just ride!


    PowerPod Lite has just one button and one "status light".  It is an absolute breeze to set up.

    Your Garmin or ANT bike computer displays and records PowerPod Lite power, and other cycling measurements.  You get a complete record of your cycling data, including power, for your entire ride.

    PowerPod Lite separately stores the first 10 minutes only of each ride's data in its internal memory; using free Isaac software this data is used for diagnostics as needed.  (Full ride file recording is available with the optional PowerPod Lite to PowerPod BLE upgrade).


    PowerPod Lite moves effortlessly from bike-to-bike.  Whenever you change bikes, you will pair PowerPod Lite to your new bike's speed sensor, then perform a simple 5 minute, out-and-back calibration ride.  NOTE: unlike other PowerPod models, PowerPod Lite stores only one bike profile in its memory.


    Check out the reviews linked below--you'll be delighted (and maybe astonished) by the respect PowerPod has earned from reviewers globally.


    No other power meter comes close to matching the $199 MSRP of PowerPod Lite.  And remember: PowerPod Lite measures the forces of BOTH legs--it doesn't reduce costs by using fewer sensors, or measuring only one leg's effort.


    As you become an accomplished “power user” (pun intended), you can upgrade your PowerPod Lite to add advanced features such as bike profiles for four different bikes; Bluetooth compatibility; power training programs from Hunter Allen; full ride file recording; Isaac software post-ride analysis of your complete rides; PowerStroke pedaling analysis, and GPS integration.