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    The aluminum construction provides an element of realism and also allows these AEGs to withstand whatever abuse or harsh conditions players expose them to. Also feature an impressive set of internal components. Thanks to their reinforced piston and padded cylinder set, Adaptive AEGs are LiPo ready. Adaptive AEGs also come equipped with a light-weight micro switch and a programmable MOSFET complete with integrated battery protection. Adaptive Armament’s MOSFET technology allows players to adjust their ROF without having to worry about locking up their gearbox. Every Adaptive AEG is equipped with a steel tight bore inner barrel that helps deliver incredible out of the box accuracy.

    14 Carbine, Semi/Full Orange Tip

    IN THE BOX: Tippmann Adaptive Armament A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle with 11.1V LiPo 900 mAh Battery and Charger and Wearable4U Pack of 1000 6mm 0.20g BBS Bundle