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    The Suunto Smart Heart Rate Belt provides accurate heart rate data without compromising comfort. The belt provides superior performance in sports where hand movement disturbs wrist heart rate measurements and allows measuring heartrate wearing the watch on top of the sleeve or attached to the bike handlebar or even not carrying the watch at all during the exercise.​

    The Suunto Smart Heart Rate Belt has an R-R memory that is used when the watch is not within reach of the Bluetooth smart radio. This is great for example in team sports where it allows recording without wearing the watch. The memory function is supported with the Suunto 3, 5, 9, Spartan, Ambit3 and Traverse watches.​

    Biking, team sports, climbing, swimming, water sports, triathlon, ski mountaineering, cross country skiing, skating and gym enthusiasts will see the greatest benefits from using the Suunto Smart Heart Rate Belt.​


    • Comfortable fit, low weight, small size
    • Multiple sports including winter sports, biking, swimming, and team sports​
    • Compatible with Bluetooth smart devices / BLE devices​
    • Removable transmitter module
    • Replaceable chest strap
    • Heart rate measurement
    • Heart rate variability measurement
    • Easy battery change

    SUUNTO Smart Heart Rate Belt Specifications

    • Battery life 500 h
    • Battery CR2025
    • Weight with M size belt 40,6 g
    • Smart module size 36,5 x 36,5 x 8 mm
    • Chest strap sizing range S: 56-82 cm, M: 70-110 cm, L: 96-160 cm
    • Water resistance 30 m (ok for swimming)
    • Module material Fiber reinforced composite material
    • Strap material Polyamide/elastane with polyurethane contact surfaces
    • Radio compatibility Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)
    • Internal memory Stores and forwards 3,5 h of measurement data at 120 bpm when used with compatible Suunto watch
    • Temperature range: -20…+60°C