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    Superb quick-draw accessibility and optimal lens protection! These Lens Pouches include some ingenious modifications on traditional top-load lens cases. To improve accessibility and enable you to swap lenses with only one hand, the SpiderPro Lens Pouches feature a water-resistant vertical zipper that runs down the middle.


    Where traditional lens pouches barely allow enough clearance to wrap your fingertips around the large diameter of the lens, the expandable mouth of the Spider Holster pouch enables you to comfortably reach all the way in. The expandable zipper opening also allows for a much easier insertion of Pro lenses. No need to reverse the lens hood or change the lens's configuration.


    The SpiderPro Lens Pouches also provides a unique solution for the rear lens cap, saving time and hassle when exchanging lenses while keeping the rear lens cap secure while not in use. With a secure Velcro attachment point, the SpiderPro pouch easily hangs from any belt, allowing for rotation when not in use. The modular nature of the pouch means you can quickly scale the carrying system up and down to meet your gear needs for any shoot. Crafted using both tough Cordura and flexible Neoprene, the pouch also offers flexibility and strength to safely carry and accommodate various large lenses.

    • Holds 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens with Hood
    • Attaches to belt
    • Lenses can be swapped with one hand
    • Tether for Rear Lens Cap
    • Vertical Pouch