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    The SiOnyx Aurora Pro Full Color Digital Night Vision Camera

    The SIONYX Aurora PRO is our flagship full color digital night vision optic. The Pro is our latest development with both new sensor technology and enhanced optics giving the viewer the most advanced digital night vision capabilities. The Pro performs best in the darkest conditions. It's designed with extreme environments in mind and has all of the great recording and streaming functionality as the rest of the Aurora line.
    If you're looking for the best in color night vision, that can see further into the darkness spectrum, the Aurora Pro is the night vision camera for you. 

    Capture Epic Starlight Adventures In The Great Outdoors With SIONYX Night Vision Monoculars
    Digital night vision has made leaps and bounds the last 2 years and the SIONYX Aurora, is rated for near moonless starlight conditions. The SIONYX ir night vision sensor and optics provide long range visibility as far as your eye can see, whether you're trekking, boating, hunting or enjoying tactical pursuits such as Mil-Sim / Airsoft.

    Become An Apex Night Hunter With Our Ultra Low-Light IR Night Vision Cameras
    Whether you're chasing coyotes or hunting hogs, SIONYX Aurora gives you a huge advantage. Use it as a handheld monocular, mount it on a tripod or run it inline with your scope / red dot, the Aurora does it all. you can be up and running with a high-performance color night vision system that's easily interchangeable between your hunting rifles with the simple throw of a quick release lever.

    Pair With Your Red Dot or Magnified Optic To Enhance Your Low Light Hunting Prowess
    Pairing a SIONYX digital night vision camera with your red dot or magnified optic allows you to extend your hunt deep into the darkness, all without the need to re-zero your primary optic / scope. Hit the record button and capture that epic shot, with the Aurora's recoil-activated capture feature.

    Mountable, Handheld, Water Resistant & Wireless Streaming
    All it takes is a SIONYX night vision camera and an iPad or Android tablet (or phone) and you can be streaming full-color night vision back to your helm station or use it as a hunting trail cam. All SIONYX night vision cameras are IP67 water-resistant so these cameras are built for wet environments.

    Aurora Pro Explorer Edition Kit:

    • Aurora Pro Color Night Vision Camera
    • Hardshell waterproof case
    • 940nm IR Illuminator
    • Illuminator rail mount
    • 2 camera batteries and external battery charger for Aurora
    • 32 GB microSD card
    • Rechargeable batteries and external battery charger for illuminator
    • USB charge/data cable