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    Sig Sauer .177 CAL CO2 Air Pistol BB Gun Replica of 1911 Colt, AIR-1911BB-MM

    • Built-in Picatinny rail
    • 16-round rotary magazine
    • Realistic weight and feel
    • Gas-powered replica of the classical 1911 Colt handgun

    The trigger pull on the Sig 1911 gas blowback pistols is excellent! Juts like a real 1911 it is single action only and both Sig Sauer 1911's have very short and very light trigger pulls. To make the shooting experience even more realistic you will need to engage the working back strap safety in order to shot these guns, again just like a real 1911.

    The 16 round capacity keeps you reloading less than you would with the 'real steel', making it a great trainer pistol. Launch BBs downrange at speeds up to 410fps to spin cans and punch thru paper targets with ease.

    A true-to-life replica of the 1911 center-fire pistol, the Sig Sauer 1911 Air BB pistol is a tactical trainer/plinker great for beginners and experts alike.  This full-metal Sig keeps the weight and controls of the centerfire model and includes a blowback feature