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    Sleek, all-in-one self-contained unit is designed with the PCP airgunner in mind - capable of fill a wide variety of high pressure air storage tanks.

    4500 PSI-310 BAR Max Fill Pressure.

    Fills a 6.8L-74ci Carbon Fiber Bottle, 0-4500 PSI in less then 1 Hour.

    3-Stage built-in moisture removal system:

    1. Auto-purge forces moisture out of the system.

    2. Vertical water separator with serviceable internal filter removes moisture from the air stream.

    3. Replaceable desiccant filter at output ensures dry air is being pumped into your storage tank.


    • Easy-to-read digital pressure gauge displays output pressure in BAR or PSI.
    • Pressure gauge acts as the digital control center for auto-stop and auto-purge.
    • Adjustable output pressure with auto-shutoff - up to 4500 PSI.
    • Automatic purge with adjustable timing increments to suit specific use.
    • Liquid-cooled with onboard water tank and heat exchanger.
    • Digital temperature gauge displays in familiar degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Quick disconnect fitting for use with various types of air storage systems.
    • Uses household 110V electrical outlet no specialized 220V outlet or wiring needed.
    • Durable, hammered-texture finish.