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    The Hatsan NeutronStar NEW Air Rifle
    According to Hatsan, maximum muzzle velocities of 1300 FPS (.177), 1125 FPS (.22) and 1050 FPS (.25) are achievable, alongside maximum muzzle energies of 37 FPE (.177), 47 FPE (.22) and 54 FPE (.25). With numbers like these, it’s a suitable target shooter, pest eliminator and small game hunter. The Hatsan NeutronStar Air rifle also features an adjustable Quattro Trigger, fully shrouded barrel, a 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder and Hatsan’s patented Anti-Knock System, which helps prevent wasting gas when the rifle is knocked or bounced. It even has a spare magazine storage compartment built into its stock.

    Pre-charged pneumatic air rifle
    Enhanced side-lever action
    Precision choked and rifled barrel
    Patented Anti-Knock System prevents gas wastage when rifle is knocked or bounced
    Quattro Trigger: Two-stage, fully adjustable match trigger is adjustable for travel and load
    Picatinny accessory rail

    Velocity: 1300 FPS (.177), 1125 FPS (.22), 1050 FPS (.25)
    Maximum muzzle energy: 37 FPE (.177), 47 FPE (.22), 54 FPE (.25)
    Shots at optimal velocity; 110 (.177), 100 (.22), 90 (.25)
    Maximum fill pressure: 250 BAR (3625 PSI)
    23” barrel
    43.5” overall length
    480 cc carbon fiber air cylinder for up to 110 shots per fill (in .177)
    Detachable Roto-Mag magazine with 14-shot (.177), 12-shot (.22) and 10-shot (.25) capacity