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    The Perfect Hunting Pellet

    Extremely accurate pellet for long ranges

    The Baracuda Match is an ultra-powerful long-range pellet that’s a perfect match for your high-powered PCP gun. The first-class aerodynamic design of the pellet’s dome shape delivers high impact and penetration, along with extreme accuracy for the tightest shot groups. The Baracuda Match also exhibits the lowest possible rate of lead fouling thanks to its special alloy and lubrication.

    • Caliber: .22 cal. (5.5 mm) diameter
    • Weight: 21.14 gr
    • Min. Muzzle energy: 18 ft.lbs
    • Head size: 5.53 mm
    • Max. Distance: 50 m/55 yds
    • Quantity: 200
    • Material: Lead (metal)