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    The H&N Slug HP is a airgun pellet which differs significantly from the usual pellets due to its bullet shape. It‘s designed for powerful air rifles which can shoot such projectiles precisely at targets. An extremely favourable ballistic coefficient ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention. To accommodate different barrel profiles and power levels, we offer options in diameter and weight. The muzzle energy of the air rifle should be at least 40 joules, but for best results we recommend 60 to 90 joules (depending on air rifle and the weight of the Slug). All pellets get lubricated, visually inspected, hand packed and secured for transport with foam pads.
    Key Features:
    • Improved performance
    • Extremely favorable price
    • Made in Germany by Haendler and Natermann.
    Haendler & Naterman H&N Slug HP .25 Cal Air Guns Pellets Specifications:
    • Suggested for: Hunting
    • Type: Pellets
    • Designed for air rifle
    • Count: 120

    Slug HP Airgun pellets are made by Haendler-Natermann (H&N), a renowned German manufacturer known for consistent quality and clean tins with no deformed pellets.