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    The Gletcher version was included in the “Russian Legends” series of air guns. This seven-shot revolver featured a unique cylinder that is reloaded one bullet at a time through a loading gate. Version of the Gletcher NGT RF Silver revolver with safety lever.

    Ready to shoot out of the box! No hustle searching for compatible accessories! Buy the bundle and enjoy!
    This is the perfect CO2 Air pistol for you.
    Great for a present!
    Key Features:

    • CO2-powered
    • Metal body and slide
    • Lever Safety
    • 328 fps Velocity
    • 7rd pellet cylinder
    • Double-action

    Gletcher NGT RF CO2 Pellet Air Pistol Silver with Safety Lever Specifications:

    • Powerplant: CO2
    • Body Material: Metal
    • Slide Material: Metal
    • Caliber: .177 (4,5mm)
    • Velocity: 328 fps
    • Safety: Lever
    • Suggested for: Plinking/Fun
    • Capacity: 7
    • Action: Double-action
    • Length: 9 in
    • Weight: 1.54 lbs
    • Barrel: Rifled
    • Loudness: 4-Medium-High

    .177 Cal Pellets
    The caliber of this Pellet Air pistol is .177 inches or 4.5 mm.
    Metal body
    This indicates that the body of the Air gun is made of a metal alloy. Gletcher uses modern zinc-aluminum alloys.
    CO2 powered
    CO2 powered air pistols will fire due to the discharge of pressurized carbon dioxide in a special tank. Gletcher uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges.
    With Double-action Air guns, the trigger performs two functions, cocking the Air gun and loading the round. This speeds up the firing process, but increases the force required to press the trigger.
    In The Box Gletcher NGT RF CO2 .177 Cal Pellet Air Pistol Silver with Safety Lever with Included Bundle (May Vary. Choose Your Variation).