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    Use the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box to control your vehicle’s 12-volt accessories, including light bars, horns, air compressors, differential locks and more. The compact, weather-resistant (IPX7) box is easy to install with no cutting into your dash to mount switches and no interference with vehicle electronics. Wirelessly connect with your compatible Garmin navigator or smartphone downloaded with the Garmin PowerSwitch app and paired with your Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box for simple control of accessory outputs right from your touchscreen device. Create custom virtual switch panels to activate groups of channels and control dimming and flashing. When the device is paired with a Tread powersport navigator (Sold separately), you can create and use smart switches that automatically activate, based on vehicle speed and time of day.

    Use the Garmin PowerSwitch app on your compatible Garmin navigator or smartphone to pair and control your vehicle's 12-volt accessories connected to the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box from your touchscreen device.

    The Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box uses BLUETOOTH wireless connectivity to program and operate your accessories from compatible Garmin navigators or smartphones.

    Control up to four of your Garmin PowerSwitch devices from your compatible Garmin navigator or smartphone.

    Hassle-free installation lets you connect up to six accessories to one Garmin PowerSwitch box. There’s no interference with your vehicle electronics and no need to cut holes in your dashboard or route wires through the firewall.

    Create custom virtual switch panels with labels, icons and channel groups on the display as well as controls for dimming and flashing of lighting systems. It’s the simple way to control light bars, rock lights and more.

    The compact 5” x 3” x 1” form factor gives you plenty of flexible mounting options on all types of vehicles, ranging from side-by-sides, UTVs and ATVs to off-roading 4x4s and snowmobiles.

    With a total of six circuits rated at up to 30 amps each, you can power and control all types of 12-volt accessories from one Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box.

    The Garmin PowerSwitch system makes it easy to add all types of exterior lighting packages to your vehicle — everything from light bars and fog lights to emergency flashers and rear and rock lights.

    In addition to vehicle lights, you can tap into Garmin PowerSwitch with all types of useful gear: Comm radios, refrigerators, air compressors or virtually anything that can run with 12-volt power.

    Garmin PowerSwitch Digital Switch Box Specifications

    • Physical Dimensions: 4.9”W x 1.3”H x 3.0”D (12.5 x 3.2 x 7.5 cm)
    • Water Rating: IPX7
    • Number of Switch Outputs: 6
    • Max AMPS Per Switch Output: 30 amps
    • Max AMPS total: 100 amps
    • Number of hardwire inputs: 2
    • Max number of controllers: 4
    • Weight: 10 oz (283 g)