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    Suunto hand-held clinometers are precision instruments used all over the world by surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners and architects and many others to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly and easily. Clinometers have sturdy housing bodies made from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum alloy. The scale cards run on special bearings in hermetically sealed plastic containers, filled with a liquid which guarantees that they run smoothly and stop quickly. The liquid will not freeze or evaporate, retains full damping properties in all working conditions and eliminates irritating scale vibrations.


    • Acrylic capsule
    • Anodized light-alloy housing
    • Optical adjustment for reading
    • Parallax-free lens
    • Damping liquid
    • Nylon pouch with belt-loop
    • Lanyard and metal lanyard ring
    • Available also in feet scales for the US market
    • Dimensions: 75 x 52 x 15 mm
    • Weight: 110 g / 3.9 oz