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    SIG Sauer P320 Air Pistol w/ CO2 12 Gram (15 Pack) & 500 Lead Pellets Bundle


    - The pistols allow shooters to train for a quick, accurate response
    - Realistic weight and feel
    - Weaver/Picatinny Accessory mount
    - Can shoot Pellets or BBs
    - 30rd belt-fed magazine


    Model - P320 ASP
    Operating System - 12 Gram CO2
    Caliber - .177 Cal
    Muzzle Velocity - Up To 380 fps
    Trigger Weight - 6.75 lb (31 N)
    Accessory Rail - M1913
    Sights - Fixed
    Mags Included - (1) 30rd Pellet Mag
    Overall Length - 9.6 in
    Weight - 2.2 lbs (920gr)
    • IN THE BOX: 1 x Sig Sauer P320 Air Pistol (AIR-P320-177-30R-BLK), 1 x Pack of 15 Sig Sauer 12 gram CO2 cylinder, 1 x Pack of 500 Sig Sauer Lead Pellets .177 cal
    • SIG SAUER P320 AIR PISTOL: Built with a sturdy metal slide against a polymer frame, this Sig's claim to fame is its 30 round capacity. The first pistol of its kind, this belt-fed semi-auto is capable of firing both .177 pellets and BBs as fast as you can pull the trigger! Featuring realistic blowback, and fueled by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge held in the grip, you can propel your ammo choice at up to 430fps (depending on ammo weight/composition)
    • Recently selected by the US Army to replace the Beretta M9, this pistol is destined to see action overseas for years to come as the standard Army issue sidearm. This replica Sig has the exact same trigger pull as the real gun for a real feel, ideal for owners or fans of the real pistol, but less costly to shoot. Shooters can mount a flashlight or laser sight to the Weaver accessory rail and keep their target in sight.
    • SIG SAUER 12 GRAM CO2 CYLINDER (AC-12-15): Precision-built SIG ASP pistols and rifles depend on quality ammunition and fuel to perform up to SIG standards. A higher-quality, cleaner gas in a superior-engineered cylinder can influence the lifetime and performance of any airgun. Investing in SIG premium cylinders is a simple way to ensure longer-lasting, SIG precision performance. Please note: We cannot ship any CO2 via air services, therefore no shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.
    • PELLETS (AIR-AMMO-MATCH-PB-177-500): Superior engineering has developed precision manufactured, lead ammunition designed to excel at the standards set by ASP CO2 airgun accuracy and performance as well improve the performance of other pellet firing pistols and break barrel or PCP rifles. Flat-topped pellets make superior target shooting loads, great for practice or plinking
    The Sig Sauer P320 Air Pistol

    The popular self-defense, centerfire pistols are imitated in ASP from full blowback metal slide to rifled steel barrel with a few built-in performance advantages - low audible profile, practice space versatility and radically less expensive ammunition.
    Built-in Picatinny rail offers endless choices for accessory mounting and thus modifying your air gun