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    A Fun, Easy-to-Shoot Airsoft Pistol

    The H8R Gen2 Revolver is another airsoft pistol from Elite Force that is fun to shoot and tough to put down. This airsoft pistol features single/double shot action, a 10 round rotary magazine, and fiber optic sights. Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule, the H8R Gen2 fires 6mm airsoft BBs at 325 fps.

    • 325 FPS
    • Fires 6mm Plastic Airsoft BBs
    • Powered by one 12g CO2
    Modern Airsoft Features in a Revolver
    Perfect for backyard plinking and target shooting, the Elite Force H8R Gen2 is a versatile and fun airsoft pistol. The H8R Gen2 is a great airsoft pistol for all shooters.
    Modern Features in a Classic Design
    This airsoft pistol is designed to have the feel of a traditional revolver, but with modern updates. With fiber optic sights, two accessory rails, and adjustable hop-up, the Elite Force H8R Gen2 is a fun easy-to-shoot airsoft pistol.

    CO2 Powered Airsoft Pistol
    Powered by a single 12g CO2 capsule housed in the grip, the Elite Force H8R Gen2 6mm Airsoft Pistol fires plastic airsoft BBs at up to 325 feet per second.

    1000ct BBs
    The H8R Gen2 fires 6mm airsoft BBs at 325 fps.

    IN THE BOX:  1 x Elite Force H8R Gen2 C02 BB Black Revolver Airsoft Gun; 1 x Pack of 5x12 CO2 Tanks; 1 x Pack of 1000ct BBs